Water & Wastewater Case Study - Yarra Park


Asset Type:

Water Recycling Facility

Contract period:

2011/2012 plus 24 months Operations


Melbourne Cricket Club


North-East Melbourne, Victoria
Melbourne, Victoria

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Our Role

Tenix was commissioned to design and build Victoria's largest standalone underground recycled water treatment plant and associated infrastructure in Yarra Park, adjacent to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The plant is able to produce 600 kilolitres/day of Class A recycled water to irrigate Yarra Park and nearby Punt Road Oval, as well as for cleaning and toilet-flushing at the MCG.

As one of the first of its type in Victoria, the Tenix-designed plant has been built underground to preserve valuable surface land use and park amenity.

The treatment process consists of screening and grit removal, biological treatment of the sewage and chemical addition for phosphate removal, filtration via membrane bioreactor (MBR) and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane systems, and disinfection via ultraviolet (UV) and chlorination.

The underground plant has a trafficable roof, and architecturally designed entry and egress with a box lift and chemical unloading area. Associated infrastructure on the inlet side includes the sewer connection, diversion structure/chamber, a 12-metre by 4.8-metre (diameter) pumping station and a rising main. Other infrastructure includes the connections into the MCG and to Punt Road storage as well as a pump station and sludge return gravity line downstream of the sewerage take-off.

The project won the 2012 Australian Water Association (Victoria) Infrastructure Project Innovation Award was a finalist in the World Environment Day awards held recently by the United Nations Association of Australia.





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